Save on Craft Projects with Custom Wooden Letters

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Do you love to do craft projects but hate the cost of supplies such as wooden letters? This is a common problem for today’s crafter. Each and every one of the supplies you need can be very expensive. Sometimes, it may even seem that buying the completed sign or completed project would be less expensive than trying to make it yourself. You can overcome this problem, at least with wooden letters, by using trusted designers such as Dave’s Signs. With this company, you do not have to worry about the expense of letters.

Dave’s Signs creates unique wooden letters to fit your project needs. With that in mind, realize you have plenty of ways to customize these letters so they fit your project needs. More so, if you have a large order, you do not have to wait for weeks to get the letters you need, which is something that also happens in the average craft store.

If you need wooden letters, consider these advantages to buying from Dave’s Signs rather than buying from your average craft store.

  • Wooden letters are expensive at the craft store, but not using this company’s products. You will notice that the pricing is better no matter what size letters you need or how many you need. Unlike your typical craft store, you do not have to wait for a sale to get a great price on these letters.
  • When you buy online, you can buy the quantity you need and know the quality is going to be what you expect it to be. Quality is important for any project but if you buy in the typical craft store, you end up spending a lot more for a mass produced product that simply does not offer the detailing you want.
  • You can customize them when you buy online. The only options you have in a craft store are the one or two designs that the craft store carries. Not only is this limiting but it can also be very frustrating for anyone who is looking for a quality finished product that fits the style and character of their project.
  • Once you purchase the wooden letters you need, you can then finish them the way you like. Some craft stores carry only wooden letters pre-painted. Some are already stained. This does not help those who want to add color and style to the finished piece in their own way.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy the wooden letters you need and want online rather than buying through the average craft store. As you take into consideration all of your options for selecting letters for your next project, realize that you can get these letters quickly, customized and in a better quality through Dave’s Signs. And, do not forget the value of buying there. You are likely to save a great deal of money on the process. Go ahead and have fun with your next big project using these wooden letters.

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Multiple Uses of Unfinished Wood Letters

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Wood letters make an outstanding solution for those who are looking for a way to decorate any space. They add character. They add a bit of sophistication in some areas while also helping to make virtually any space a personal one. As you take into consideration the various options you have for your décor, consider how easy it is to add these great looking wood letters to the space. If you need a few ideas, check out the options available through Dave’s Signs. You may be impressed with just how versatile these letters can be.

How Can You Use Wood Letters?

You love the look of the letters. You are not too sure how you could use them within your space, though. Take into consideration the following options which are sure to help you to add some great looking letters to your spaces.

  1. Use the wood letters for signs. From a business to a home, the use of wooden letters on any sign can be a great way to add character to the sign. This adds a three dimensional element to the sign too, helping it to literally stand out in a sea of other signs. Use them for street signs, to bring visitors into your business. Use them to display your holiday message to the neighborhood.
  1. Use them to decorate rooms. One of the best ways to use these wooden letters is to decorate the walls of a nursery. You can add the child’s name to the wall. Another option is to purchase one of each letter and to create the ABC’s on the wall. Paint these the primary colors for visual appeal.
  1. Use the wood letters on top of cakes. They work very well as a cake topper and Dave’s Signs designs them in a unique way to ensure that the cake remains edible. Place your initials on the cake, or choose a message to display there.

These are just three of the ways you can use wood letters in your daily life. But, in these areas and others, you still have many additional options. You can have letters custom cut for you, in the unique shape you are looking for or at the right size. You can also select other details of the wood letters.

Once you have the wood letters in hand, realize you can do with them what you need to. Stain them to match the other wood in the space. Paint them to help them to stand out on a sign or on the wall. Once you have the look you like, hang them on the wall for an amazing look. Decorate with them the way that you want to. There are no limits to the way that you can use these letters throughout your daily life or even in your business. The first step to getting started is to simply head to Dave’s Signs and check out the options available to you there. Then, get started on your next creative project.

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Unpainted Separate Wooden Letters for Craft Projects

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Wooden letters are a great investment for any type of craft project you may be doing in which you want to add wording or numbers. Create a number plaque for your door or create a unique coat hanger for your child’s bedroom, for example. No matter what the type of project is, there are many ways to use this very simple element to craft some of the best looking finished projects. You can purchase quality, beautiful and well crafted wooden letters from Dave’s Signs.

Why buy wooden letters? There are dozens of reasons to do so, but when you buy from Dave’s Signs you get a bit more than just your average fabricated letter. Take a look at some of the reasons you should invest in this company’s products.

• You can use these wooden letters for indoor sign lettering, or with proper finishing they can be used to create outdoor signs.

• You can paint them or stain them to fit your project’s particular needs. Choose the type of coloring right for your project.

• You will also find numerous options to select from in regards to style and sized. You can select small lettering for smaller projects or mix and match the options to get the right look for your craft project.

• You can also have the letters custom cut for you. This is important for more intricate projects or when you have a specific goal you wish to achieve. Not every company does this with wooden letters, but Dave’s Signs does.

With this in mind, remember that you will find wooden letters are quite affordable to purchase from this company. This is an affordable way to add something valuable to your home, business or other location.

When you buy products like this from Dave’s Signs, you will benefit in various ways. For example, these wooden letters are so versatile you can use them for professional projects, fun, crafty projects or even for formal lettering needs. You can paint them to match just about any décor, style or space as you would like them to. Plus, adding them to any space adds a layer of beauty while also offer something organic to the space.

These letters and numbers are welcoming and unique. They stand out, but only if you would like them to do so. You can easily add the hardware to the back of them and hang them as a standalone piece in your home or mount them on top of more wood or another decorative element.

As you can see, Dave’s Signs offers a wide range of products for you to select from, including wooden letters. However, one thing that the company ensures is that you are going to get a great price for well crafted wooden letters. You can count on the finished product being just what you are looking for and then some. Be as creative as you would like to be, or as informal and basic as you need to be.

Want To Buy The Best Natural Wood Letters and Numbers?

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Buying the highest quality wood letters and wooden numbers is really the only route to take. You will find a wide range of products on the market today but the quality is not the same across the board. The problems with other companies can be extensive, but when you obtain the wooden letters and numbers you need from Dave’s Signs, you can count on those products being the highest quality possible. Here are the reasons why.

Quality Wood

One of the problems with the “other guys” product is that they often use poor quality wood. Pressboard and the least expensive woods are often utilizes because it cuts down on the costs and increases the product’s profit margin. This is not something that you will see Dave’s Signs do. Even though their wood letters and numbers are highly affordable, they are not compromised in terms of their wood.

Quality Finished Product

Another problem commonly found with other companies is the way they provide the wood letters and numbers to you. Some offer pre-painted products to customers. While this may seem like a good option, it is only masking the quality of the wood and it leaves very little options for you. Unless the wooden boards are the color you want, you cannot match them to your décor or style. With Dave’s Signs, on the other hand, you have the ability to stain and paint the wood as you would like it to be done. That allows you more customization in the process.

With the same token, consider the process of the wood’s design. With Dave’s Signs, the wood is crafted by hand, with attention paid to each of the cuts used. Other companies use machines or other systems that decrease the overall quality and look of the finished product. This decreases its value to you and to the space you put it into. Further, it does not offer you any ability to custom design the products you are looking for. Many people know what they want but have a hard time finding just that look already done. Instead, they are forced to settle. You do not have to do this, though. These are factors to look for and monitor whenever you buy wood products.

Buy the Best

Keeping costs in line is important, which is why you can get affordable wooden letters and wooden numbers for all of your craft, building or signage projects. However, when you buy from a company that is known for the quality work they offer, you know your money is well spent and you know the finished product is not going to be cheap looking or tacky. Overall, you can improve the look and finish of any product and project by simply investing a bit of time into selecting the right wood letters and numbers from a company you can trust. Dave’s Signs ensures that its products will live up to and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and finished look. That is a factor that should matter to you.

Customized Cake Toppers Using Handcrafted Wooden Cut-Out Letters

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Wooden cut-out letters have numerous uses – from house addresses, to hanging baby names in a nursery. But wooden letters are not just for hanging on walls. One unique use is to use wooden cut-out letters as cake toppers. This idea can be one of the most elegant ways to decorate a cake without a large expense, and it looks fantastic. There are many different styles offered and a variety of options to take into consideration for your wooden letters. Companies such as Dave’s Signs do an excellent job of providing individuals with the type of letters they want and need for various styles.

Wooden cut-out letters as cake toppers

Customized cake toppers with wooden cut-out letters are a great opportunity to make your cake look unique. Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding cake toppers:  If you are planning a wedding, and want a unique wedding cake topper, this is a great route to take. The initials of both first names can be added to the cake. Or, use the words “I Do” to remind everyone of your new commitment.
  • You do not have to just go with wooden letters. You can also use wooden cut-out numbers and use these to represent the date of a special event. Do this for wedding cakes, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special day.
  • Another idea is to use these for anniversary cake toppers. Use you and your loved ones initials, your anniversary date, or the number of years you’d been together.
  • For a birthday cake, use wooden cut-out numbers to show off your loved ones new age.
  • Use Dave’s free standing wood numbers for your Wedding Reception table numbers.

Keep in mind that you do have options when it comes to selecting wooden letters for cake toppers. You can choose from different letter and number sizes and font styles. Further, the letters and numbers are handcrafted, giving them that extra special touch of character.

The cut-out letters and numbers each have prongs at the bottom of them that are placed into the cake to provide for a sturdy display. In the four inch letter cake toppers, for example, these letters have two-inch high prongs at the bottom. The wood prongs are dipped in candle wax so that there are no wooden splinters in the cake after they’re removed.

As you can see, wooden letters and wooden numbers work very well as a way to add class and character to any cake. It is understood, though, that you want your event to be unique. Therefore, select the type of letters that work for you, such as a beautiful French silk. The quality offered by Dave’s Signs is excellent. Each of the letters is handcrafted and created from ¼” thick red oak plywood. The letters have a natural oak grain finish, giving them a beautiful look. Take some time to check out the options available to you from Dave’s Signs, one of the best locations to get the most affordable wooden signs and cut-out wooden letters and numbers.

Personalized Decorating Tips using Wooden Wall Letters

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Wall letters seem like such a simple thing but they can be one of the best tools for decorating. Wooden letters, such as those offered by Dave’s Signs, can be used in various ways to accomplish a wide range of things, including sentimental statements to funny welcome signs. These letters work for virtually any reason since they are available in different sizes and styles and can be finished in various ways. Use them in your home, business or any place else where you have something to say.

How to Use Wall Letters

Using wall letters is not something that has to follow a specific rule book. The fact is that you will find a wide range of ways to use them, no matter how creative you are. Here are some tips to help you to select the right wooden wall letters and how to use them in virtually any area.

First, consider the different styles of wooden letters. Some styles offered by Dave’s Signs are very formal and will work well in just about any environment. Use these for the letters of your family name on the outer door to your home.

  • Consider using the more whimsical and playful styles for areas within the home. You can select from various colors to match any room of the home.
  • One way to add a special touch to your home is to use the letters to spell out your baby’s name in the nursery. With simple wooden wall letters, you can have the child’s name right over his or her crib and officially make the room special.
  • For those who are looking for a way to place a memorable saying or a favorite quote in their home, the best solution is with wall letters. Rather than use stencils, which tend to be difficult to use, or stickers which look tacky, go with these letters. You can select the style that works for the quote and easily attach the letters in any style on the wall itself.
  • If your children are getting older and it is time to update the look of their bedroom, do so with wall letters. For toddlers and younger children, buy one of every letter in the alphabet and circle the room. What a great way to help them to learn the letters and to do so in a stylish fashion that adds to the room.
  • For a business place, use wall letters to spell out the name of the company in your office or to place the company’s name on the outside of the building it occupies.

Each of these ideas can get you started.  Be creative.  For wall letter options, check out Dave’s Signs. Select from numbers and letters ranging from one inch up to six inches or more. Select from font styles such as western for a casual room, or French Script font for a more elegant look.

How to Find High-Quality Wood Letters and Custom Routed Wood Signs

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FYI, We have two separate types of “stuff” available and want to make the information on this blog about both types.

We have “cut out” wooden letters and numbers that are used for so many different things, including nursery letters, wall letters, and sign letters.

Our wood letters are cut in several different font styles that can be seen on the front page of our website. We cut most of our wooden letters from 1/4″ red oak plywood (with an MDF core) or 13mm (1/4″) PVC plastic. 

We also make custom carved routed wood signs.

Wood signs are useful but they are also highly beautiful, offering a unique touch to any area. If you are looking for a custom routed wood sign, you should know what to look for specifically. One of the best places to find the quality you are looking for is from Dave’s Signs, where personal care is taken with each wood sign order.

What to Look For In Wood Signs

As you seek out that unique wood sign for your home, business or for a gift, consider a few of the qualities that the provider should offer to you. When you find these elements present, you know that you are getting the best possible product.

  • Ensure that the process is done by hand and done one at a time. There are many companies that allow you to select the wording, but the process is automated and done without any actual handwork. This reduces the quality of the finished piece and really does limit the overall beauty of the final product. Instead, ensure that the company offers wood signs that are done by hand and that each sign is done one at a time rather than in a factory style.
  • The materials used to make the signs are also important. Most likely you will be investing a bit of money into these wood signs. Therefore, you want the product to not only last a long time, but to look great throughout its life. The best way to ensure this is to purchase wood signs made on redwood or cedar. These two types of wood are the best for their beauty, strength and durability. Also, be sure that the final product is finished properly. It is often best to select three coats of exterior urethane finish to offer the lasting protection the sign needs.
  • When buying wood signs, look at how the boards are joined together. Many companies simply purchase factory built planks and use these to create the signs. However, it is best to select those that show that the cedar boards are hand jointed. This hand jointing ensures the wood’s beauty and offers more stability to the piece. It is a higher quality and it will last.
  • Ensure the company gives you the ability to select the image or wording. Some companies, like Dave’s Signs, give you free range over the wording layout.

There are many ways to know that you are working with the best company possible for your routed wood signs. Look for a company that takes the time needed to create a wood sign that offers true beauty. That takes patience and it takes a quality piece of wood and talent. You can find all of this through Dave’s Signs, and much more.

Wooden House Signs: Adding Class and Character to any Home

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Wooden house signs can really change the look of your home. These simple signs can help to complete a look or just to offer a simple way of saying hello to your guests. Businesses could find dozens of ways to use wooden signs to decorate their offices and shops. For whatever use, consider how you can customize this look to add a lot of character to your décor. Dave’s Signs makes it easy for individuals to find just the right wooden house signs for their particular needs.

You may know you want to buy wooden house signs, perhaps for yourself or maybe to give as a gift. However, how can you ensure it adds a bit of class and character to the space? There are various ways you can accomplish this. The following tips can help you to do just that.

•  First, consider what you want the sign to convey. It could be a simple welcome sign or it could be something more in depth. You can have a customized design created for you, based on a family name, quote or something else meaningful.

•  Next, consider the layout of the sign. Its size plays a role in the cost, but larger custom wood signs are more prominent and so better for their use. You can select from the signs already available, and just change the name, or you can select to have a customized creation for your needs.

•  Add pictures or other design elements as they fit with the style you are going for. Again, you can select from pre-designed pieces and just add your name or message to it or you can customize the entire piece by adding a football team, a business name or even a picture that represents your location. Be as creative as you would like to be.

•  Maybe instead of a custom carved sign, you could use cut-out letters and numbers. This is one area where you can get a bit more creative and choose what you like. For example, you may wish to go with a brush script. Some people choose the curlz script, which offers a bit more of a carefree element to the sign. Another option is to go with western letters, which are similar to what may have been present on buildings in the old west. Train letters are another option to consider, where each letter represents a train car.

When it comes to wooden house signs, consider where you will use them and what the overall message you wish to convey is. You can choose from the type of wood that works for you as well as the finishing paints and stains used to complete the look. Dave’s Signs can really offer the customization you want to have in these wooden house signs.

Wooden house signs make great gifts, too. Take the time to check out some of the options available to you or customize the look to ensure it offers a look that is ideal for your particular needs. You will be impressed by the quality of Dave’s Signs.

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