Personalized Decorating Tips using Wooden Wall Letters

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Wall letters seem like such a simple thing but they can be one of the best tools for decorating. Wooden letters, such as those offered by Dave’s Signs, can be used in various ways to accomplish a wide range of things, including sentimental statements to funny welcome signs. These letters work for virtually any reason since they are available in different sizes and styles and can be finished in various ways. Use them in your home, business or any place else where you have something to say.

How to Use Wall Letters

Using wall letters is not something that has to follow a specific rule book. The fact is that you will find a wide range of ways to use them, no matter how creative you are. Here are some tips to help you to select the right wooden wall letters and how to use them in virtually any area.

First, consider the different styles of wooden letters. Some styles offered by Dave’s Signs are very formal and will work well in just about any environment. Use these for the letters of your family name on the outer door to your home.

  • Consider using the more whimsical and playful styles for areas within the home. You can select from various colors to match any room of the home.
  • One way to add a special touch to your home is to use the letters to spell out your baby’s name in the nursery. With simple wooden wall letters, you can have the child’s name right over his or her crib and officially make the room special.
  • For those who are looking for a way to place a memorable saying or a favorite quote in their home, the best solution is with wall letters. Rather than use stencils, which tend to be difficult to use, or stickers which look tacky, go with these letters. You can select the style that works for the quote and easily attach the letters in any style on the wall itself.
  • If your children are getting older and it is time to update the look of their bedroom, do so with wall letters. For toddlers and younger children, buy one of every letter in the alphabet and circle the room. What a great way to help them to learn the letters and to do so in a stylish fashion that adds to the room.
  • For a business place, use wall letters to spell out the name of the company in your office or to place the company’s name on the outside of the building it occupies.

Each of these ideas can get you started.  Be creative.  For wall letter options, check out Dave’s Signs. Select from numbers and letters ranging from one inch up to six inches or more. Select from font styles such as western for a casual room, or French Script font for a more elegant look.

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