Customized Cake Toppers Using Handcrafted Wooden Cut-Out Letters

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Wooden cut-out letters have numerous uses – from house addresses, to hanging baby names in a nursery. But wooden letters are not just for hanging on walls. One unique use is to use wooden cut-out letters as cake toppers. This idea can be one of the most elegant ways to decorate a cake without a large expense, and it looks fantastic. There are many different styles offered and a variety of options to take into consideration for your wooden letters. Companies such as Dave’s Signs do an excellent job of providing individuals with the type of letters they want and need for various styles.

Wooden cut-out letters as cake toppers

Customized cake toppers with wooden cut-out letters are a great opportunity to make your cake look unique. Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding cake toppers:  If you are planning a wedding, and want a unique wedding cake topper, this is a great route to take. The initials of both first names can be added to the cake. Or, use the words “I Do” to remind everyone of your new commitment.
  • You do not have to just go with wooden letters. You can also use wooden cut-out numbers and use these to represent the date of a special event. Do this for wedding cakes, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special day.
  • Another idea is to use these for anniversary cake toppers. Use you and your loved ones initials, your anniversary date, or the number of years you’d been together.
  • For a birthday cake, use wooden cut-out numbers to show off your loved ones new age.
  • Use Dave’s free standing wood numbers for your Wedding Reception table numbers.

Keep in mind that you do have options when it comes to selecting wooden letters for cake toppers. You can choose from different letter and number sizes and font styles. Further, the letters and numbers are handcrafted, giving them that extra special touch of character.

The cut-out letters and numbers each have prongs at the bottom of them that are placed into the cake to provide for a sturdy display. In the four inch letter cake toppers, for example, these letters have two-inch high prongs at the bottom. The wood prongs are dipped in candle wax so that there are no wooden splinters in the cake after they’re removed.

As you can see, wooden letters and wooden numbers work very well as a way to add class and character to any cake. It is understood, though, that you want your event to be unique. Therefore, select the type of letters that work for you, such as a beautiful French silk. The quality offered by Dave’s Signs is excellent. Each of the letters is handcrafted and created from ¼” thick red oak plywood. The letters have a natural oak grain finish, giving them a beautiful look. Take some time to check out the options available to you from Dave’s Signs, one of the best locations to get the most affordable wooden signs and cut-out wooden letters and numbers.

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