Wooden House Signs: Adding Class and Character to any Home

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Wooden house signs can really change the look of your home. These simple signs can help to complete a look or just to offer a simple way of saying hello to your guests. Businesses could find dozens of ways to use wooden signs to decorate their offices and shops. For whatever use, consider how you can customize this look to add a lot of character to your décor. Dave’s Signs makes it easy for individuals to find just the right wooden house signs for their particular needs.

You may know you want to buy wooden house signs, perhaps for yourself or maybe to give as a gift. However, how can you ensure it adds a bit of class and character to the space? There are various ways you can accomplish this. The following tips can help you to do just that.

•  First, consider what you want the sign to convey. It could be a simple welcome sign or it could be something more in depth. You can have a customized design created for you, based on a family name, quote or something else meaningful.

•  Next, consider the layout of the sign. Its size plays a role in the cost, but larger custom wood signs are more prominent and so better for their use. You can select from the signs already available, and just change the name, or you can select to have a customized creation for your needs.

•  Add pictures or other design elements as they fit with the style you are going for. Again, you can select from pre-designed pieces and just add your name or message to it or you can customize the entire piece by adding a football team, a business name or even a picture that represents your location. Be as creative as you would like to be.

•  Maybe instead of a custom carved sign, you could use cut-out letters and numbers. This is one area where you can get a bit more creative and choose what you like. For example, you may wish to go with a brush script. Some people choose the curlz script, which offers a bit more of a carefree element to the sign. Another option is to go with western letters, which are similar to what may have been present on buildings in the old west. Train letters are another option to consider, where each letter represents a train car.

When it comes to wooden house signs, consider where you will use them and what the overall message you wish to convey is. You can choose from the type of wood that works for you as well as the finishing paints and stains used to complete the look. Dave’s Signs can really offer the customization you want to have in these wooden house signs.

Wooden house signs make great gifts, too. Take the time to check out some of the options available to you or customize the look to ensure it offers a look that is ideal for your particular needs. You will be impressed by the quality of Dave’s Signs.


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